FolLoW tHe BurNeY SistErS on SoCiaL MeDiA


"They play with a heart-on-their-sleeves earnestness in a similar manner to North Carolina folk-rockers, The Avett Brothers."
- Riverfront Times

"Their vocals are powerful, their melodies are pitch-perfect -- and, yes, their family harmonies are on point."
- The Boot

uPcoMing ShOwS

Burney Sisters Live

1.17  |  Sofar Show - Columbia, MO

1.18  |  Music Record Shop - St. Louis, MO

1.18  |  The Ready Room - St. Louis, MO

1.24  |  The Mission - Jefferson City, MO

1.31  |  Friendly Tap - Berwyn, IL

2.1  |  Sofar Show - Chicago, IL

2.1  |  WGN On Air - Chicago, IL

2.2  |  Montrose Saloon - Chicago, IL

2.8  |  Cafe Berlin - Columbia, MO

2.9  |  Fink Theater - California, MO

2.23  |  TBA - Columbia, MO

2.28  |  House Concert - St. Louis, MO

AbOuT tHe BurNeY SistErS

Olivia & Emma Burney are a dynamic sister duo with an indie folk/pop sound.


The sisters started singing around the house when they were barely able to walk, with some vocal coaching from Mom, they began harmonizing well before they picked up instruments. Olivia found her first love in the ukulele after finding one at a garage sale for a dollar. After a few online tutorials, she was well on her way to being the performer and teacher she is today. Currently, Olivia writes the bulk of the tunes that the sisters perform, including their single "Constellations" and the popular "Plastic", which appeared on their debut 2017 EP.

Not to be outdone by her older sister, Emma picked up the guitar at the age of 9, and began learning songs of her own. Now, she helps Olivia with all of the arrangements and harmonies and has since expanded her instrumental arsenal to include bass, banjo, keys, and a recent revival of her love for the fiddle. Their  soul nurturing sibling harmonies and tunes are reminiscent of The Avett Brothers, Cowboy Junkies, First Aid Kit, Indigo Girls, The Staves, and The Wild Reeds, and their music can be found on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon.


Their follow-up EP, "Where We Stand" was released in 2018 by St. Louis label Gaslight. You can find The Burney Sisters and all their upcoming events on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


ThE BanD

April Burney/Manager



JB Anderson - Gaslight Studio