The Burney Sisters at Doodad Farms

Doodad Farm, 4701 Land Road, Greensboro, North Carolina

We're always looking for unique performers for our stage, so when we received word that Missouri-based band, the Burney Sisters, were going to be in NC, we reached out to them and offered them a spot. They graciously accepted, and we're thrilled to be able to present these incredible musicians at Doodad Farm. The way this band is growing in popularity, we see this event as one of those I-saw-them-when shows!

THE BURNEY SISTERS, comprised of sisters Olivia -17, Emma-14, and recently joined 12-year-old sister Bella, create music with a maturity and emotional intelligence that belies their age. Olivia and Emma write keen and knowing songs while arranging for multiple instruments and structuring unique and resonant harmonies. The result-personal and penetrating music that both connects with and captivates their listener. Their soul nurturing sibling harmonies and tunes are reminiscent of The Avett Brothers, First Aid Kit, Indigo Girls, The Staves, and Joseph. “The things that I've really noticed, and it's not even necessarily their age, which is astounding to begin with — I think that they, in this song that we just recorded, show a lot of maturity in songwriting” -- Madi Skahill, Columbia Missourian “The Burney Sisters... Have the talent and wisdom of artists three times their ages. They have already opened for Wynonna Judd, and played high profile music festivals.” -- Bobby Jean Sawyer, Wide Open Country More at

We've been after CARRIE MORGAN,one of the region's finest singer-songwriters, all year, and we finally managed to bring her in to open this show. Carrie's roots show up in her music -- her clear alto is captivating, her picking weaves images of cypress trees and beach skies, and a touch of the blues gives her music a sly edge. She lives and sings in Greensboro, almost exclusively for her three-year-old son Leo, who is already much more famous. More at

HOW TO JOIN US You never need a ticket or a reservation to attend one of our concerts - just show up. If we had a gate, it would open at 2pm. Feel free to show up earlier than that, even, if you just want to enjoy the weather, have a picnic, or just hang out (though we may ask you to help set up!). The show will start at 3pm. Doodad Farm never charges for entry to concerts, though we do request that those who are able (and you know who you are) donate at the stage area. Every penny of donations goes straight to the performers. We think $10-$15 is a reasonable donation for this show. As always, we ask that you surprise yourself with your own generosity to support our performers, keeping in mind that the last couple of years have been particularly difficult for musicians. Other details: • Kids, dogs, and all your friends are always welcome. • Please bring CASH for your donation to the performers and for merch purchases. • This is an outside, farm like setting (thus the name). Dress like you’re going camping and you’ll be fine. • We never allow weapons of any sort at the farm. If you think you need to protect yourself, you’re in the wrong place. • Bring your own beverages, and consume them responsibly. Of course snacks and picnics are welcome. • If you’re a sitter, bring a chair. We have some extras if you forget. • Smoking is permitted as long as you don’t bother anyone or do any butt-dropping. • Please clean up after yourself and treat the Farm as if it’s your own (in a way, it is!). • A portable toilet and drinking water will be available. • Let someone help you park, especially if the field is wet. Doodad Farm is at 4701 Land Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 See less