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Our first duo single ‘Unlike Me’ produced in Nashville!



A little backstory….

This year, we became a duo after 7 years experience as a trio. As a duo, we have worked hard this year to cultivate our sound. Since 100% of our produced catalog reflects the trio, it's time that we step out to share the new iteration of The Burney Sisters as a duo. Most of our previous catalog has been self produced, but we want to come out of the gate with a collaborative effort from the talents of Nashville for our first single . 


Throughout this year, our dedication to crafting a sound we're proud of has been unwavering. From writing and performing to embarking on tours, our goal has been to create music that resonates with our devoted 'fan'mily. Following our experience on the 2023 Cayamo Cruise, we reached out to friends we made during the journey to explore the production of our upcoming single.

Among these friends is the burgeoning talent Devon Gilfillian and his Manager/Drummer, Jonathan Smalt, who has an impressive track record in producing Devon's incredible works. They recognized and appreciated our sound during our time together in February 2023 and have remained connected to our musical journey this year. After sharing our new song, 'Unlike Me', Jon generously agreed to collaborate with us on this project.

We're thrilled to delve into this collaboration process, working in a cutting-edge studio alongside individuals whose creativity resonates with the soul of our music. It holds immense significance for us to capture the essence of 'Unlike Me' with artists who embody the heart and passion that we greatly admire and look up to. This opportunity means the world to us as we strive to infuse this song with authenticity and depth.



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